Quarantine Units a major concern

THE threat posed to small agricultural shows through the introduction of Quarantine Units was hotly debated at Bedwellty and Llangynidr show, with farmers voicing their concern about the new regulations which came into force on September 11. FUW Gwent county executive officer Glyn Davies said: “These events really reminded me of how important our local shows are and the key role they play in bringing communities together. The main topic of discussions in our marquee however was not Brexit as many might expect, but the introduction of Quarantine Units. The delay in their introduction did nothing to ease the burden, and

the threat that will be posed to small shows like Bedwellty and Llangynidr. “Our members really are concerned about the effect this will have.

Quarantine Units pose a very real threat to the livestock classes at the smaller agricultural shows. “The Welsh Government have constantly stressed the vital role that agriculture plays in the rural economy

and community, yet are hell bent on introducing QU’s which will make it uneconomical for some farmers to participate at shows, particularly during the busy autumn sales period. The cost of obtaining approval and maintaining, quarantine units will prove prohibitive to many exhibitors,” added Mr Davies.

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