Re-register your waste exemptions

Natural Resources Wales’ Customer Care Manager, Caroline Hawkins, explains how straightforward process works

You may recall that back in 2013, you registered for a 3-year exemption after new regulations came into effect. And as these exemptions will be expiring soon we’re reminding farmers in Wales to re-register. A waste exemption is a registration – notifying us that you may be undertaking a specific activity, for example burning green waste or using construction waste on your farm roads, during the three year registration period. Farming activities such as building tracks with rubble, stone or woodchip, using tyres on top of silage sheets, using paper bedding and burning hedge cuttings, all need an exemption. Doing it online Before you complete the online form, we’d encourage you to read the guidance that’s in place so that you understand what’s included and what you have to do to comply with any exemptions that you register. Natural Resources Wales is encouraging farmers to go online to register. We’ve worked hard at NRW to ensure that it’s easy and straight forward to register online – at https://wasteexemptions.naturalresources. wales/ There is no charge and this is the quickest and simplest way to do it.

To complete your online registration you’ll need the:
• number and description for each waste exemption you want to register (eg, u1 – use of waste in construction)
– you can find these in the guidance
• name and address of the individual or business that will be carrying out the waste operations
• registration number and registered address details if you’re registering waste exemptions for a limited company or limited liability partnership
• name and address of the person who will be sent the registration confirmation
• address and postcode for all the locations where the exempt activity is being carried out, or a 12-digit National Grid reference if there is no postcode.

Please make sure you only re-register during the month leading up to the expiry of your existing exemption(s). Exemptions are free, but if not completed you could face a fine and affect your single farm payment. If you have limited access to the internet you can contact NRW’s Customer Care Centre on 0300 065 3000 in order to find the date of your original registration.

Drop in and see us at the royal Welsh
Our team will be at the Royal Welsh Show this year and we will be able to show you how easy it is to register. We’ll also be on hand to answer any questions you may have about registration and where we can register you on the day. Call by and see NRW in the Countryside Care Area where you can also discuss Glastir woodland creation in our Tuesday drop in session or call by and talk over any slurry storage issues in our Wednesday surgery. Bring the whole family – whilst we can discuss your questions, others can take our mountain bike challenge or enjoy themselves on our beach!

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