Report livestock worrying incidents to the police

THE FUW is u rging members to report all incid ents of livestock attacks to the police to ensu re that the right actions canbe taken.

FUW Depu ty Presid ent IanRickman, (p ictured right), said: “Avoidable losses, su ch as those that occu r whena dog chases or attacks livestock, remaina significant
sou rce of fru strationfor the livestock sector inWales.

“Indu stry initiatives, su ch as the FUW campaign“You r dog, You r responsibility” which widened the message to respecting the cou ntryside, picking u p after you r dog, keeping d ogs ona lead near livestock and making su re dogs don’t escape from home, have had some impact, bu t sadly we keep hearing abou t more incidents recently.”

Mr Rickmanadded that the FUW recognises that there is no one ‘qu ick fix’ to this issu e, and that a mixtu re of edu cation, campaigning and legislative changes are
need ed .

“As part of ou r work inthis area, we will continu e to lobby for real changes to be made to cu rrent legislation inord er to provid e a better d eterrent to irresponsible
d og ownership and to ensu re that the penalties fit the seriou sness of the crime. However, to get a tru e pictu re of the situ ationand to help u s get those legislative changes, we need farmers to report su ch incidents to
th e police.”

Pembrokeshire PCSO Ju de Parr from the Ru ral Crime Team said : “I fear th at farmers are not informing u s as many ju st seem to deal with it themselves or go directly throu gh to their Insu rers. We fear that nu mbers will increase becau se of lockd ownand more people bu ying d ogs.”

Farmers inPembrokeshire who have su ffered a livestock attack cancontact PCSO Ju de Parr directly on 07422 076690 or via email:
ju d e.parr@d yfed ‐powys.pnn.police.u k

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