Sales are on the up for British Wool

STRON G clearances at British Wool auctions are continuing and the hope is this increased demand can be maintained throughout the 2014 selling season, BWMB South Wales Board member Gethin Havard told farmers at the Winter Fair. With the wool selling season well under way, results from the BWMB auctions in the early part of the season have been particularly pleasing, he said. Sales are going well for all types of wool, with a notable demand for the finer micron types which are receiving premiums. “I t is pleasing to see the overall sale average up by 10pmkg compared to the same period last year and there is no evidence to suggest the guide prices issued earlier in the year won’t be met and in some cases ex ceeded. “For the 2014 season the BWMB introduced new quality control measures at our depots throughout the U K . These changes are designed to ensure the trade has the confidence in our product and that British Wool will rightfully be classified as a premier fibre for the global tex tile industry.”

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