Shambolic failure on mobile coverage – MP

CEREDIGION MP Mark Williams has slammed the failure of the UK Government’s “Mobile Infrastructure Project” to provide proper coverage for communities in the county. The project, which saw Arqiva contracted to build the mobile infrastructure network in the county, originally saw the potential for over 20 new masts to alleviate mobile “not-spots” throughout Ceredigion. However, as the project comes close to its end on March 31 2016, only a few of these sites have been developed. Since the project was announced in 2011 only three masts have been developed – a mast near Llangwyryfon, the refurbishment of a council mast near Trefenter and an existing mast at Ger-y- Gors, near Pontrhyfendigaid, but only due to the efforts of the Gery- Gors group who have worked unswervingly on the project. Mr Williams said: “I cannot help compare the expectations and promises made by the Government with the minimal work that has been honoured. “The Secretary of State has refused to extend the project of Arqiva and seems satisfied with commitments made by mobile operators to secure greater coverage, yet this project promised us action to alleviate the many notspots in Ceredigion. “With the exceptions of the three masts, the Mobile Infrastructure Project has been a shambolic failure. “It is unacceptable to blame this failure on inadequate information provided by Ofcom on not-spots or the costs involved. “This was not relayed to us at the start of the project. “Government inaction as of March 31 will have a hugely negative impact on our communities and our large number of small and micro businesses. “I have met with representatives of Arqiva and will be continuing to pursue the Government on this important matter.”

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