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bfmapTHERE really is no better place for bonding people together and sharing ideas than over good food ‐ and because the FUW wants to continue to make sure that the voice of Welsh farming is heard at every level, farms across Wales will open their kitchens at the end of January for breakfast week (22 ‐ 29). “Politicians, key stakeholders and the general public need to really understand the important role the food and drink sector plays in their everyday lives, so to do just that we will be enjoying some great local produce to kick‐start our day as part of our breakfast week campaign. “But we want you to be a part of what we do, and share your thoughts and worries about the state of the industry, tell us your stories and help us to understand how we can help each other,” said FUW president Glyn Roberts. This breakfast campaign provides an opportunity to promote the quality premium local produce that farmers grow for us every day of the year and throughout breakfast week the FUW will shine a spotlight on the importance of our rural economy. “Decision makers who are joining us will see the vital part farmers play in maintaining our rural communities, in sustaining a viable and profitable agricultural sector and of course producing excellent food,” added Mr Roberts. Over the last year the FUW has been busy highlighting why farming matters ‐ not just in terms of food security but also in terms of our rural economy and our rural communities. “However, we want to continue that work and would like to invite you to join us around the kitchen table for breakfast. All across Wales farms are opening up their kitchens for you, where we will be joined by producers, members and our local politicians. So why not book your place at one of our kitchen tables and help us to show why farming matters?,” said Glyn Roberts. If you need any further information on any of the locations and breakfasts held in your area, or if you want to get involved by sponsoring some produce or if you also want to host a breakfast as part of the FUW’s breakfast week ‐ just give your local county executive officer a call.



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