Sheep theft warning

FUW member Alan Price who farms at Dafadfa Isaf, Gwynfe, Llangadog, in partnership with his wife Ellen has urged farmers throughout the county to be vigilant after the recent theft of several in-lamb ewes on the farm.

Mr Price said farmers should take note of anything suspicious they may see happening in the countryside and report it to their local community support officer immediately.

His warning follows the theft of 50 in-lamb Welsh mountain ewes from rented land at Derwydd near Llandybie between January 24 and 31. The family farm approximately 700 sheep and have a small sucker herd, which they keep on 150 acres of owned land at Dafadfa Isaf and rent approximately 100 acres.

“There is evidence that the sheep handling facilities within the field were used to gather the flock and take the sheep. “We have reported the theft to the police but unfortunately there are no leads to date,” said Mr Price. “The in-lamb ewes were mainly three to four years of age and we were due to start lambing at the end of February and are devastated by this loss, which of course has substantial financial implications for us.”

Mr Price stressed that all farmers should enrol in the Farm Watch Scheme and the OWL system under which any reports of suspicious vehicles or persons can be reported and forwarded to other members of Farm Watch.


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