Success from the ground up

by John Richards, HCC Industry Development and Relations Manager

atthistimeofyearmanyofusareturningour minds to think of grass and the oncoming harvest. While we may think of ourselves as sheep and/or beef farmers, we are grass farmers too and it is a powerful and significant asset we have in abundance in Welsh agriculture.

Leys can be chosen on nutritional value, production efficiency, resilience, quality and yield. in addition, the wealth of grass covering Wales acts as a carbon sink

and aids bio-diversity – an environmentally important factor which we communicate to the public and consumers.

It’s with the importance of grassland in mind, both financially
and environmentally, that we are pleased once again to have
supported the annual Recommended Grass and Clover List for England and Wales.

Known as somewhat of a Bible for grass breeders and farmers, the Recommended Grass and Clover List provides a one-stop shop of information on grasses and leys, breaking down their key features and how they fit into different farmers’ priorities.

the List is based on independently verified data from years of field trials across Britain, but importantly, the list is very well presented, easy to use and offers some really great advice and information. So whether you are

planning on re-seeding or not, i would whole heartedly recommend picking up a copy and

having a read.
Choosing the highest yielding varieties from

the list can give farmers 5-15 per cent additional production in terms of yield or quality which can result in very real financial

gains – as much as £110 per hectare. Furthermore, collaborative research which we undertook with ahdB and QMS looked at the qualities and attributes of top performing sheep and beef farms in Great Britain. Focusing on detail was found to be an important quality for these farm businesses so looking at the detail and data in regards to grass breed, quality and yield may lead to greater efficiency

and performance.
We were distributing the List at the Royal Welsh Grassland Event earlier this month in Pembrokeshire as well as sharing our latest project work within the Red Meat development Programme and other nation-wide industry projects which we’re involved with such as

GrassCheck GB.
if you weren’t at the Grassland Event, please contact

the hCC office on 01970 625050 or and we can send one directly to you. alternatively, the list is available to view and download on the hCC and British Grassland Society websites.

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