Supporting World School Milk Day

the FuW raised a glass to milk and celebrated the nutritious drink which has been a staple item in our fridges for decades on World School Milk Day, September 25.

FuW Milk and Dairy committee chairman Dai Miles said: “Milk and dairy products have an important part to play in our daily diet as they provide an important source of protein and calcium and contain essential vitamins and minerals, all of which are needed for a balanced diet.

“With an increasing amount of research into milk as a recovery and re-hydration aid, there is also a growing body of evidence suggesting milk is just as effective in these areas as some sports or other energy drinks.

“in addition, milk can definitely help children stay
hydrated and keep their energy levels up in school
and it is a much healthier option than some of the sugary drinks available. We raised a glass to this staple food and hope that dairy lovers across the world did the same.”

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