Sustainable drainage systems for new developments now mandatory

by Kathryn Williams, Director of Davis Meade Property Consultants

FARMERS in Wales who are planning a development on their property are reminded that they must now meet new standards for drainage.

From January 7 2019, all new developments of more than one dwelling house or where the construction area is 100m2 or more, require Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) for surface water.

The compulsory regulations introduced by the Welsh Government aim to reduce flood risk and improve water quality.

All new development must be built in accordance with the new standards and be approved by the local authority overseeing SuDS before construction work begins.

The intention is that the regulations should help improve habitats for surrounding wildlife and diversity and reduce pollution.

SuDS work by making use of landscape and natural vegetation to control the flow of surface water and reduce the risk of flooding. Designs can include ponds and permeable paving which slow down the discharge of surface water more than conventional piped drainage.

The sustainable systems are also designed to reduce surface water runoff and improve water quality while being more resilient and longer lasting than conventional drainage.

Planting trees can also help reduce run off on farms as can installing water butts to harvest rainwater.

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Mae Davis Meade am atgoffa ffermwyr sy’n bwriadu gwneud unrhyw waith datblygu bod rhaid iddynt gwrdd â gofynion draeniadau newydd. Nod y rheoliadau gorfodol a gyflwynwyd gan Lywodraeth Cymru yw lleihau perygl llifogydd a gwella ansawdd dŵr. Rhaid i bob datblygiad newydd gael ei adeiladu yn unol â’r safonau newydd a’u cymeradwyo gan yr awdurdod lleol sy’n goruchwylio Systemau Draenio Cynaliadwy cyn i’r gwaith adeiladu ddechrau.

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