The benefits a versatile ATV brings to a farming business

When working in the countryside having a vehicle for the ever- changing terrains and tasks is important because no day is the same. West Wales farmer Wayne Reynolds gives us an insight of the benefits a versatile ATV brings to his farm, planning consultancy and construction business. “I run the family farm in West Wales, which is 90 acres, as well as Atriarc Planning & Construction and to be honest having an ATV vehicle is just as important as a golfer having the correct clubs for his round. “For me, the main modes of transport had previously either been by foot or the use of a 4×4 depending on the size of a client’s site, where it is located and the general terrain. however, there were a couple of negative aspects with these that made me want to move over to an ATV. Firstly, walking to sites was not an effective use of Can-am Outlander 570. time. Secondly, a 4×4 for all its off-road capabilities tended to cut up the land quite a bit and it was also limited when it came to wet lands and tight access roads. “When you are researching potential ATVs the most important things are two-fold. The first is to have a list of things you want it to excel at, which for me was power delivery and towing capacity. The second is to have the opportunity to compare similar models, which I was able to do through my local dealer. “As soon as I got to put the Can-Am Outlander 570 through its paces there were a couple of areas that made the Can-Am standout from the crowd; they were the power delivery and automatic gear box. For me personally, I was originally looking for a manual gearbox but after seeing what the Can-Am Outlander’s automatic version could do, I was a convert and honestly, I would not go back. “From the point I tried the Can-Am Outlander 570 and realised the benefits it would provide my business to it arriving, I have not been disappointed. I feel like it is an investment that offers value for money and assists in making my job as easy as possible, while providing several benefits compared to walking or using a 4×4. “The first is the time saved on site visits because walking around farms that vary in size from 90 to 1,200 acres wasn’t the best use of my time and most large landowners don’t mind if you are bringing an ATV on to site as it also saves them costs. The second is its lightweight design and nimbleness on multiple terrains. “In addition, I also reap the benefits of the vehicle on my farm as I have multiple terrains from flat fields to steep slopes and it is very good going down or up steep slopes and the automatic gearbox makes me feel very safe. “To ensure that it could do everything we wanted it to do on the farm, we added deeper treads on the tyres to assist with grip when towing out timber as well as adding front and rear boxes for additional storage. “These additions may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but they allow me to carry more things on site and make hard jobs easier. “I can honestly say that the purchase of the Can-Am Outlander 570 has been one of the best investments I have ever made and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a workhorse that can handle multiple terrains as well as towing and hauling weights to take the plunge. “You will immediately notice the difference between what you think it can handle to what it can actually handle and once you realise this, it will open up a wider variety of jobs and opportunities for you.”

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