Today it’s all about saying ‘Thank You’

by Alan Davies, FUW Managing Director

“Thank you”. Two really important words that we probably don’t use enough. They can rejuvenate a relationship or they can kill it
if used in the wrong way. But I’m going to use them today in a few different messages.

First I want to say thank you to all those members who have so quickly responded to our recent request to pay retrospective VaT. The dreaded VaT is never a nice or welcome subject, but the response to our request has been truly uplifting. For all those who have paid, “Thank you” and for all those who are about to do so, “Thank you for not forgetting”.

The next “Thank you” is to all those who answered the member survey questions in recent weeks. I am always keen to plan for the future based on information and fact, rather than using gut instinct and opinion and surveys are a key part in helping us prepare plans for the future.

again, to all those who spent time completing the survey: “Thank you”, your input is truly important.

Both of the above “Thank you’s” have created more work and I also must say thank you to those staff who have worked so diligently to both collect the VaT payments and process them. The paperwork transaction in itself has been a huge task on top of normal work routines, so all those involved are also due a big “Thank you”.

We’ve recently finished the intense period of SaF form
filling on behalf of members, and is running better now
than ever, it is largely due to the huge amount of effort and focus provided by our county office staff.

accuracy and timeliness are critical and, of course, dealing with some of the technical challenges will be hugely important, but from what I can see and hear all this happened for thousands of members without dramas, just calm professional diligence. and that in

itself deserves a huge “Thank you”.
Then, of course, you have to recognise that with each SaF form probably comes a

cup of tea or coffee, and to all those who made members warmly welcome in recent months, a big “Thank you” as well.

Meanwhile, in aberystwyth, it’s important to recognise the small but important changes – or even major upheaval – that has been taking place as we moved people around the building to get everyone working in the right teams. This will improve our communication and sense of working “as one” that I’ve talked about before and it was important to complete. For all those who made it happen: “Thank you”. We

are already seeing the benefits.
There is so much that is good happening across the union now

that we all ought to recognise it and be grateful for it. our financial performance demands a big “Thank you” to all staff, in particular, those insurance folks who continue to deliver great results in demanding markets, thanks also for the tremendous loyalty that we have from

members to continue to keep their business with us. We all have a lot going on in our working lives, but I know that we are all committed to running or supporting the union and together, members and staff, ensuring that we will continue to thrive. For

that, we should be thankful.
They are only two small words, but they can and

do make such a difference, and we really should be comfortable using them more often. That’s all for now: Thank you!

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