Tough and durable Kubota tractor unveiled at LAMMA

KUBOTA’S new MK5000 tractor’s UK debut at last month’s LAMMA highlighted two days of product launches for the manufacturer.

LAMMA DEBUT: Kubota’s new MK5000 tractor

LAMMA DEBUT: Kubota’s new MK5000 tractor

The new 50 horsepower, four-cylinder utility tractor combines an eight-gear Synchro Shuttle transmission shift to allow users to quickly switch between forward and reverse.

This is particularly useful when performing tasks which require repetitive motions, such as loader work. The new model comes complete with hydrostatic power steering, ensuring smooth operation when making tight turns.

A full-flat deck minimises the risk of operators becoming fatigued by offering plenty of legroom, whilst an easy-to-read panel with strategically placed controls allow for smooth operation.

The MK5000 has been introduced to Kubota’s lineup to replace the existing L3200 and L4100 and is ideally suited for those working in agriculture and horticulture thanks to its versatile and rugged build quality.

The new model comes complete with a fully electronic controlled high-pressure Common Rail System engine to deliver high levels of power, which works to reduce the level of harmful emissions produced.

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