Union staff awarded at Dementia Friends launch event

MENTAL health, or poor mental health, is an issu e that affects the farming commu nity greatly and it is well knownthat loneliness and social isolationcanlead to mental health problems.

Those working inthe agricu ltu ral sector, like the FUW, will regularly come into contact with lonely people who are at risk of poor mental health and with this inmind, the u nionmade a commitment at the Royal Welsh Agricu ltu ral Show in2017 to fu rther raise awareness of mental health problems inru ral commu nities.

Taking that commitment a step fu rther as an employer, u nion staff participated in‘Mental Health First Aid Wales’ training, delivered by Emma Picton‐Jones of the DPJ Fou ndation.

The two‐day training course looked at various elements of mental health, symptoms and signs of someone with poor mental health and explored h ow to help someone with poor mental health such as depression, anxiety and psychosis.

The FUW u nderstands that failing to deal with poor mental wellbeing cou ld have seriou s consequ ences and cou ld lead to the farm ru nning inefficiently, a serious injury, relationship breakdowns, poor physical health and evenworse, it cou ld lead to su icide.

As a resu lt of the cou rse, u nionstaff have beenawarded a certificate of achievement inrecognitionof working towards becoming a Dementia Friendly Organisation.

Carmarthencou nty execu tive officer David Waters receving a certificate from Assistant Chief Constable Vicki Evans at the Dementia Friends Launch Event.


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