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IF you abstract water and were previously exempt from needing a licence under the Water Resources Act 1991, the law has changed and you may need to apply for an abstraction licence since January 1 2018 to continue legally abstracting.

Most previously exempt abstractions (if over 20m3/day exemption threshold) will require a licence. These abstractions, often termed ‘New Authorisations’, include: • Water transfers from one inland water to another in the case of, or as a result of, operations carried out by a navigation, harbour or conservancy authority;

• Abstractions into internal drainage districts but not
including land drainage activities;
• Dewatering of mines, quarries and engineering works;
• Warping (abstraction of water containing silt for
deposit onto agricultural land as a fertiliser);
• All forms of irrigation (except spray irrigation which is
already licensable) and the use of land drainage systems
in reverse (including transfers into managed wetland
systems) to maintain field water levels;
• The majority of abstractions by Crown and visiting forces exemptions; and
• Abstractions within previously geographically exempt areas.
Some abstractions that are considered low risk will remain exempt.
Although you may submit an application up to December 31 2019, Natural Resources Wales recommend that you apply for a licence before September 2019 as it may take three months or more to check, acknowledge and address any issues with your application. So submit as soon as possible.
You may continue to abstract water at the same quantities as before until NRW have reached a decision on the application. A three year determination window will apply from January 1 2020.
For further information go to: https://goo.gl/kJrTAK (URL has been shortened).

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