Welsh shepherd is NSA Next Generation Ambassador

A YOUNG Powys shepherd is among 12 people selected forthe National Sheep Association’s 2015 Next Generation Ambassador Programme.

George Gough, of Knighton, is a 22-year-old contract shepherd who manages other people’s sheep while running his own flying flock andis looking for his next big venture in the sheep sector. He is also a keen sheepdog trainer.

The Ambassador Programme, launched last year, provided a series of events for selected individuals, covering a wide range of sheep topics, business skills and personal training.

NSA communications manager Joanne Briggs said: “The NSA Next Generation initiative is about encouraging the enthusiasm and quality of young people coming into the sector, be they farming sheep themselves or supporting businesses in an ancillary role.

“An important part of the initiative is the Next Generation Ambassador Programme, which takes 12 individuals and provides them with the skills to be develop their own businesses and careers, as well as the training to promote and support the sheep sector in future as a long-term NSA Ambassador.

“The 2014 Ambassadors are still closely linked to NSA and play an active part in encouraging other young farmers and discussing the issues facing sheep keepers around the UK. “We look forward to another 12 individuals coming through the process this year and are particularly excited about the broad range of geography, sheep enterprises and ages in this year’s group.”

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