Welsh Sustainable Management scheme grants

by Kathryn Williams of Davis Meade Property Consultants

FaRMeRS in Wales are being invited to apply for grants under the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Management Scheme which provides financial support for a range of activities that will improve the management of our natural resources and in doing so contribute to the well-being of our rural communities.

The scheme offers grants to collaborative groups looking to:
• improve our natural resources and the benefits they provide
• take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• improve business and community resilience to the impacts of climate change.

Grants can range from a minimum of £10,000 to help start up and facilitate new collaborations through to landscape-scale ambition co-ordinating actions and input from several parties to achieve lasting benefits across our communities.

each application window has a maximum of £5 million for investment and the maximum grant rate for any individual investment project is 100 per cent of the total cost.

The scheme is open to a wide range of collaborations made up of a variety of individual and organisations including:
• small and medium-sized enterprises (SMes) and large businesses, education or research establishments

• farmers, foresters, other land managers
• community or voluntary groups (inclusive of all non government organisations) associations of owners, community woodlands, and trusts
• local authorities.

The scheme is now open and expressions of Interest (eOI) must be submitted before august 8 2019. applicants that are successful at the competitive eOI stage will be invited to submit a full application.

We look forward to seeing you at agricultural shows this year. We will be on the FUW stand at the Royal Welsh agricultural Show from July 22 to July 24, anglesey Show on august 13/14, Pembrokeshire Show on august 13-15, Denbigh & Flint Show on august 15, Carmarthen Dairy event on October 29 and The Royal Welsh Winter Fair on november 25 & 26. Philip Meade and I will also be at Oswestry Show on our own stand on august 3.

Kathryn Williams can be contacted on 07971 583638 or email kathrynwilliams@dmpcuk.com

Mae Davis Meade yn atgoffa ffermwyr yng Nghymru i wneud cais am grantiau o dan Cynllun Rheoli Cynaliadwy Llywodraeth Cymru sy’n darparu cymorth ariannol ar gyfer ystod o weithgareddau a fydd yn gwella rheolaeth o’n hadnoddau naturiol a thrwy wneud hynny yn cyfrannu at les ein cymunedau gwledig. Mae’r cyfnod datgan diddordeb ar agor nawr hyd nes Awst 8 2019. Bydd Davis Meade yn bresennol ar stondin FUW yn Sioe Amaethyddol Frenhinol Cymru o Orffennaf 22 – 24, Sioe Môn ar Awst 13-14, Sioe Sir Benfro ar 13-15 Awst, Sioe Dinbych a Fflint ar Awst 15, Sioe Llaeth Cymru ar 29 Hydref a Ffair Aeaf Frenhinol Cymru ar Dachwedd 25-26. Bydd Philip Meade a minnau hefyd yn Sioe Croesoswallt ar ein stondin ni ar Awst 3.

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