Winter Fair Survey 2019 Summary

thank yoU to everyone that filled in our FUW communications based survey at the Winter Fair a few months ago. More than 130 surveys were filled in by members visiting the FUW stand at the show. the results help inform what we do and we aim to use them to develop our communication methods in 2020.

We know that broadband speed is an issue for many. around two thirds of those filling in the survey rated their broadband as excellent, good or moderate, whereas the remaining third stated that their broadband was poor or they were unable to have broadband. this is better than anticipated, but when we mapped the data we found that there are no distinctive areas or regions where these results apply, (see map above).

When it comes to FUW communications, the survey results showed that the top three preferred methods of communication were email, Y Tir and Facebook.
It is positive to see that half of those surveyed read the Farmers’ Monthly e-bulletin, which is sent by email. this bulletin contains lots of up-to-date agricultural information so please let us know if you don’t receive it but would like to by emailing:
We are always interested in feedback from our members and we continue to learn and grow. all in all, the majority of the comments we received on FUW communications were really positive which gives us a good starting point for the year ahead!

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