Y Tir – A paper worth reading

by Alan Davies, FUW managing director

In recent months we’ve had many positive comments and feedback from members about the improvements we’ve made to Y Tir and I’m really pleased that these changes are making a positive impact.

We’ve taken some steps to improving the layout, and also the presentation, so that it is easier to read and to find articles that might be of specific interest.

The content has both widened and also been trimmed and now includes items on farm safety, our younger farmers, industry insights, changes to policy and upcoming consultations, animal health updates, as well as information on what the FUW is doing for its members.

We’ve also removed some items that were not quite relevant to our area of interest, which is of course agriculture and the wider rural economy. Hopefully that now leaves us with a far more focused publication that everyone looks forward to receiving.

This month we are making some more content changes: We are introducing a County news section. Initially spread over two pages, this will offer each county the opportunity to communicate with members whilst also
sharing more widely across the union what has happened at a local

level or what is about to happen.
These snippets will be aimed at ensuring everyone knows what is

taking place and will replace the county newsletters that have been produced in the past.

There are two principal reasons why we will use Y Tir to replace the county newsletters: First we get to communicate county news monthly (rather than occasionally) and second we will reduce the costs of printing and postage, as well as staff production time.

The local newsletters were a very expensive option that we cannot continue to support.

I hope you will find this change valuable and also interesting, as you see what else is happening around the country. A further change that will start this month is a diary of essential dates. Sourced mainly from the Welsh Government, we will list all the major events or date specific activities that everyone needs to be aware of. And for ease, this is to be on the same page of the paper every month.

All these of course are small changes, and that’s the way we should make changes. Small incremental steps that all move in the right direction are far better than trying to develop a grand plan for change that can, so often, go wrong.

There’s one other change that I’d be really keen to see and that is more input from members. This month we’ve an item on a production sale by FUW member Dafydd Jones, Cefncaerferch, Pwllheli and a grassland award for members’ son Geraint Williams, Cefn Llidiart, Capel Bangor – hopefully this will be the beginning of something new. If you think you’ve got something to share in the paper please do let nia our Editor know so that we can work to get it included. This, after all, is a members’ paper and it would be great to have members content within it.
If you don’t feel like writing an article, then perhaps a letter would do. It would be great to see members letters published on a regular basis too.

Finally – I must also thank nia Davies-Jones who has taken on the challenge of making the editorial changes and Anne Birkett who produces so much of the content. A great effort from them both that really is paying off, THAnK YOU!

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