YFC members enhance skills ready for shearing season

For the second year in a row, our shear success event was held in conjunction with allflex on Tŷ nant Farm, Tal-y-Bont.

Over 40 members came together to discuss and develop their shearing skills in the company of selwyn Williams, research and development manager for Heiniger.

With over 40 years’ experience and expertise selwyn has travelled the world as a professional shearer and sharing his experience and knowledge with the next generation of shearers.
an entertaining and informative presentation was delivered by selwyn where he emphasised the importance of looking after your body during this busy period whilst keeping a healthy diet. He went on to discuss the correct methods of using and handling the shearing equipment as well as demonstrating how to sharpen combs for the best possible performance.

selwyn also showcased some of the most recent Heiniger equipment including the shearing machines, clippers, combs and cutters as well as the grinder.
Wales yFC rural affairs chairman dafydd Jones, said: “shearing is very popular within our membership and is a highly valued skill within the agricultural industry. The workshop was very informative and enhanced their shearing skills.”
an information booklet issued by allflex and Heiniger for those interested in improving their shearing skills is available from Wales yFC Centre on 01982 553502 or information@yfc-wales.org.uk

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